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By Toros Communications, 04/10/20, 8:00PM CDT


EDINBURG, Texas (April 10, 2020) – Rio Grande Valley FC (1-2) fell to San Antonio FC (3-0) with an aggregate score of 6-17. The first round ended with a score of 2-7; second round had a 4-10 final score. RGV FC finished third in the USL eCup: Rocket League tournament. 


SAFC led 1-0 in the first 10 seconds of the first match. Season ticket member, Chris Sais trailed 5-0 the first minute of the game. Sais continued to fight for RGV FC as he blocked a shot made by SAFC then followed with an aerial shot sent to the back of the net marking the first goal for the Toros 1-5.


With less than two minutes on the clock, Sais scored a second goal for RGV FC 2-5. The matchup continued to be at a brawl until SAFC managed to score two more goals before the final whistle, 2-7.


The second round kicked off with a goal by SAFC 1-0, but Sais followed with the equalizer in less than 20 seconds, 1-1. Nearly five seconds after, San Antonio managed to lead again, 2-1. Sais managed to put a second goal in from a long shot where SAFC attempted to block but failed, 2-3.


SAFC continued to play aggressive as he scored a fourth goal from inside the box, 2-4. RGV FC hit a hat-trick when Sais hit a side shot to get a 3-5 score. He closed off the goal difference when he hit the ball from off the wall to the goal marking the fourth goal for RGV, 4-5.


San Antonio continued to lead the match with a final goal at the buzzer hitting the double-digits 4-10. 


With the loss, RGV FC is out of the playoff knockout stages as only the first two of each group qualifies to playoffs. More updates will be posted on the Toros Twitter page, please follow @RGVFC.  



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