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Family is Everything. Jesus "Chuy" Enriquez Draws Large Crowd on the Road in California

By Toros Communications , 09/06/18, 2:30PM CDT


Midfielder, Jesus "Chuy" Enriquez reunites with part of his family after a road game in California.

Midfielder, Jesus "Chuy" Enriquez reunites with part of his family after a road game in California.

Jesus “Chuy” Enriquez is an exciting player to watch once he takes the pitch. His skill set matched with the determination to succeed with the team as a unit will make you take a quick liking to him. At just 21 years old Enriquez has etched his name in the record books for the Toros. During the August 29thhome match against San Antonio FC he scored the quickest home goal in club history at the 3-minute mark. He has tallied five total goals, leading the RGVFC roster in goals scored. 

Jesus originates from Newark, California and has a fairly large family. As you may have guessed he draws big support when he returns to his home state for a match. This past road trip was an exciting one for “Chuy”. His entire family and a group of friends filled the stands in Sacramento as they watched him play professional soccer.  Enriquez commented on the crowd size, “There was at least 85 people at the game in Sacramento to support me. My mom actually called me and said that there was way more people asking for tickets.” His priority is scoring goals for the team and performing well enough to be successful as a unit, however, having his family attend makes it that much more exciting and meaningful to score and create those chances. 

The California native mentioned that early on in his career his parents and extended family didn’t have the opportunity to watch him play the game he loves due to work and other commitments, making it that much sweeter that night when they showed up in masses. “Having my family in the stands motivates me to perform at an even better level than I do because it is a special occasion for me”, said Enriquez. The young star has been exciting to watch for the RGVFC faithful this season, but it can almost be made certain that no one was cheering louder and prouder than the entire Enriquez family that night in Northern California.  

As the season rolls on, Jesus Enriquez looks to continue his success on the field and build a bond with the home crowd that can make him feel like he is at home, challenging the Rio Grande Valley to fill the stands and support the Toros as they fight for big wins both at home and on the road the remainder of this season. 

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